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Coffee Helps Us to Go Green

Written by Lori Thiessen

Have you ever looked at the used coffee grounds from you coffee maker as you throw them out and lament the waste? I mean, coffee costs quite a bit of money and to just throw out the grounds hurts frugal folks like me. And think about all the used grounds from all the used coffee shops everywhere. Ouch.

Let the hurting stop.

There are two new uses for used coffee grounds, printer ink and biofuel.

CNet’s gadget blog, CRAVE reports that RITI print box uses old coffee grounds or tea leaves and a little water to create ink. The drawback is you likely won’t have a lovely black print experience plus you have to swish the ink cartridge along and pull the paper through the printer at the same time; not very efficient.

However, this might be the start of something amazing!

According to Renewable Energy World.com, coffee has come under the microscope as a possible biofuel. More stable than other biofuel sources like used grease from restaurants and with an equal amount of oil from pre-processed biofuel sources like soybeans, used coffee grounds might be the substance the biofuel industry has been looking for.

Using used coffee grounds as a biofuel has other added benefits like your car exhaust could smell like a fresh cup of coffee plus coffee is quite high in antioxidants so using coffee as a biofuel could be an added health benefit instead of being gassed by carbon monoxide.

Coffee may play an even bigger part of our lives in the future aside from the quick pick-me-up liquid we’ve counted on for years!

Q: In what ways do you recycle your coffee grounds?

Until Next Time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!



Grounds to Garbage? No Way!

Written by Lori Thiessen

I always get a perverse kick out of folks who “discover” new ways of recycling all kinds of stuff. My mom and grandmothers knew a lot of different ways to get more than one use out of something – it was called thrift and it wasn’t a lifestyle choice, it was a necessity. But enough about me.

Coffee grounds don’t have to be tossed in the garbage after that one cup of coffee that’s been growing ever colder since you poured it at 8:00 am. After taking a quick tour of a variety of websites providing info on using used coffee grounds, here’s a few things to do with ’em:

● Dig used grounds into the soil around rose bushes to make them healthier
● Dyeing natural fibre cloth, paper, even hardboiled eggs
● Treat your hair with grounds between shampooing and conditioning, best for black or brown hair
● Make a homemade facial mask out of them
● Use coffee grounds as a non-toxic scrubber for the stubborn stains in your pots and pans

As with any of these homemade remedies, caution is a must, especially if it’s going on skin. Always spot treat at first to see if there is a negative reaction.

There is a commercial use of used coffee grounds and it is called Java Log. It’s a firelog made of used coffee grounds and vegetable wax. Save those trees!

Until next time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!