Maxwell Maximizing The Good

Written by Lori Thiessen

Maxwell House Coffee’s latest advertising campaign appeals to our inner philanthropist.

The commercials are usually along the lines of placing a tin of Maxwell House Coffee against a plain backdrop with the subtitles saying something like, The average tv commercial costs $245,000. This one cost $19,000. Tell us what you would like us to do with the rest of the money at

Frankly, I do find this ad campaign likeable. Will it get me to drink Maxwell House Coffee? Probably not.

But I have gone on and what I found there was some heart-lifting stuff.

Part of Maxwell House’s corporate social responsibility, it is a partner with Habitat for Humanity which is good.

There is also a Random Act of Good suggestion box which provides you with some nice things to do for those around you. Some of the ideas are more labour intensive than others but they are all good.

The message area allows you to enter in a positive thought or event and when you do, a virtual coffee bush sprouts leaves and flowers. It’s a cute idea and a good one.

The ‘Top Stories from the World of Optimism’ seem to be linked to one website and there are remarkably few of them, but you can’t have everything.

And finally, you can also nominate a cause or event to which Maxwell House could donate the money not spent on the fancy commercial.  It’s a good gimmick which has the potential to do some real good.

I just wonder what was spent on developing this fancy website. Hmmmm.

Q: Would this kind of campaign get you to change your coffee brand to Maxwell House?

Until Next Time,

May Your Coffee Be Freshly Brewed!


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