The Social Uses of Coffee

Written by Lori Thiessen

Coffee (and tea) is the beverage that is the social bridge in so many occasions. It is easy to make or access, and it can take a long time or a short time. There are fewer social conventions around coffee than any other beverage.

When you interested in someone, the first safe  step is to ask them out on  a coffee date. It is non-committal, takes place during daylight hours and it’s less expensive than lunch.  The coffee shop is rather informal so there is no need to get dressed up to the hilt.  If you find after chatting with this person for a while that you don’t get on, then there’s no embarrassment in leaving after you have finished your coffee. Or conversely, if you do get on, then order another coffee.

Friends often meet over coffee either in a cafe or in someone’s home. Coffee is a less expensive ‘meal’ to serve and there aren’t the historical conventions of afternoon tea to contend with.

A regular religious service, a bar mitzvah, christening, baptism or a funeral often ends with a fellowship hour and coffee is on hand to help celebrate and console.

In business, knowing how a person takes her coffee can be that little thing that gives you the edge over others, especially when it comes to applying for a more senior position. People appreciate having someone notice seemingly insignificant details like this.

Coffee is a great way to show hospitality to a client, co-worker or boss without a huge financial outlay.

A coffee meeting can be very productive way to work so long as there is an agenda and a stated outcome agreed to in advance.

Take a moment to notice how often coffee makes an appearance in your social and business interactions.

Q: Are there any social situations that I didn’t mention in which coffee plays a part?

Until Next Time,

May Your Coffee Always Be Freshly Brewed!


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