New Fashioned Coffee Brewing

Written by Lori Thiessen

There’s this new coffee maker on the market called Tassimo. You may have seen the ads on the tv for it recently.

At first, it looked as though the coffee came from a kind of coffee syrup. I thought that’s what is was from the little jam-cup type things that you need to make the coffee in this machine.

But I’m wrong. The little jam-cup thing is called a T Disc by the company and it’s a packet of ground coffee with whatever else is needed to make the coffee.

I have a sinking feeling the T stands for taste. Ah, marketing. Trying to make everything hip and cool by using an initial.

It’s a bit like the assorted cereal packets I remember from my childhood. You get all the different varieties of sugary breakfast cereals that you love without having loads of boxes around.

Tassimo’s T Disc assortment (like Starbucks, Nabob, and Maxwell House) gives you  the brand coffees that you like without having to load up on bags of beans. Unfortunately, there seems to be only about a half-dozen choices you can make. Where oh where is Timmy Horton?

The problem with this system is that you can only brew coffee with the T Disc. If you want the smell of fresh ground coffee you’ll have to run to your local cafe, or load up on various different coffee machines.

As for me, I think I’ll stick to my french press and my old camping percolator.

Q: What is your favourite coffee maker?

Until Next Time,

May Your Coffee Always Be Freshly Brewed!


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