Christmas Coffees

written by Lori Thiessen

One of my favourite movies to watch around Christmas is Babette’s Feast. The story revolves around a French maid in service to two elderly ladies in a remote village in Jutland.

After having won a lotto, the French maid, Babette offers to make the celebratory dinner in honour of the ladies’ father ‘ birthday which is in December.  He was a cleric who founded this village. Not surprisingly, he also had a rather austere view of the material world to which his followers adhere.

Reluctantly, the ladies agree. Babette makes a “vrai diner francais”. Such sumptuous fare the villagers have never before seen or tasted in their lives.

This amazing meal ends with a cup of fresh ground coffee and a small glass of champagne liqueur.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am a devout gourmand, or someone who enjoys fine foods, wonderfully prepared and served.  It sounds kinda snobby, but I believe most people relish eating good food, if given the chance. And fine food doesn’t necessary mean expensive either.

During this season of abundance, I’m  thinking about how to end the meal with flare or to entertain family and friends when they drop by for a visit.

Coffee is often the beverage offered to visitors. But just to make things a little more seasonal, here are a few options to spice up your brew.

  • Add your favourite Christmas spice. I like to freshly grate some nutmeg into the ground coffee before I perk or press. Lovely hint of extra flavour.
  • Add your or your guests’ favourite liqueur to their cup. I favour a wee drop of Frangelico.
  • Use eggnog instead of cream. Gives the coffee an extra richness and that spicy flavour all in one shot.

Which ever festive condiment you choose, be sure to use a light hand. You want to enhance, not overwhelm the coffee.

Also, please do respect the wishes of your guests if they refuse an alcoholic additive. They might be coping with addiction or just had enough liquor for one day.  Either way, the point of getting together is to celebrate not inebriate.

Q: Do you have any Christmas coffee recipes you would like to share?

Until Next Time,

May Your Coffee Always Be Freshly Brewed!


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