Coffee Commercials on the Decline

Written by Lori Thiessen

I promised you in my last post that I would do a little research and find out if indeed there are fewer coffee commercials than of old. And I do try to keep all of my promises.

My extensive research conducted over three days and oh, about 20 channels reveals that yes, indeed there is a conspicuous lack of coffee commercials. I counted one commercial during my testing time. It was a Folgers commercial.

I think Andrea was correct in her comment on the last post that the reason for the lack of coffee commercials is the trend for people to buy gourmet and local, making mass marketing pointless for producers of specialty coffee and coffee beans.

A few months ago, McDonald’s was launching its foray into the specialty coffee market and there were plenty of their commercials around.

Things are now rather quiet on the coffee commercial front. I think that the biggest commercials for coffees these days come from friends and family members. People always seem to be talking about their favourite cool hangouts and why they hang there.

We are fast becoming aficionados of gourmet coffee. The more obscure and exclusive a brand seems to be the better we like it. Perhaps it’s because we want to be a cut above the masses. As the French social theorist, Bourdieu would say we are acquiring the indicators of the class to which we wished we belonged.

Q: Do you find yourself, friends and family discussing cafes and coffee? Why do you think that is?

Until Next Time,

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May Your Coffee Always Be Freshly Brewed!


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