What’s That Smell?

Written by Lori Thiessen

When coffee was first introduced to English consumers in the 17th century, one of the first reactions was to the scent of coffee. It must be an evil thing with such a vile smell, was one of the comments.

Many people however have a different reaction to the smell of freshly ground beans or freshly brewed coffee. They love it! I must confess that I like the smell of some types of coffee brewing in the morning. There is something wonderfully inviting about the aroma – an invitation to the day perhaps.

In this month’s Shared Vision Magazine, there is a short blurb about a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry about the benefits of coffee.

We all know that coffee, or rather caffeine is a great temporary energy booster, but this recent study shows that even the smell of brewing coffee can get your brain cells bouncing.

Rats were given coffee to sniff and there were changes in the rats’ brains linked to increased antioxidant activity and reduction of the ill-effects of sleep deprivation.

So instead of saying yes to that late night cup of coffee, just give the cup a good whiff and pass it on!

Q: Do you have trouble going to sleep after having that after dinner coffee?

Until Next Time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!


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