A Cup of Coffee with a Dollop of Love

Written by Lori Thiessen

Though I haven’t dated for many a long year, I understand from those in the know that the first safe stop on the road to love is the coffee date. It’s a cheap, non-committal venue which allows both parties to assess each other for compatibility.

My husband and I even go out for coffee as way to re-connect with each other. Away from the house and its multitude of distractions, sipping a cup of coffee and sharing a big-ass cookie at a local coffee shop is a nice treat as well as a way to relax.

The informal reports I get from my single friends about the dating scene in Vancouver seem to be largely about not having a place to find the hot, sexy dream date they’ve been fantasizing about or even just someone reasonably nice who isn’t totally creepy.

In one of the local “quick” papers here, the “24” to be exact, is an article by Sarah Rowland called “Changing Your Type”. She talks about the Café Medina as the space to pick up men. Truly, I hadn’t really thought of a coffee shop as a pick up joint. I’m so retro, I still think of clubs and bars as de rigueur for meeting that certain someone.

But in Vancouver, the town surrounded by mountains and seas filled with people biking, hiking and doing other strenuous activities you really shouldn’t do while under the influence, clubs and bars aren’t necessarily the best place to find your life partner or even a partner for a few months. There are really so few public social places in which you can mingle and if you aren’t an outdoor enthusiast the options dwindle even more.

This is where the café comes to the rescue. It’s public. It’s low key. You can easily do other things there, besides ogling eye candy, especially if there is no eye candy on offer.

So get out to your local caffeinated watering hole and find the love of your life!

Q: How would you go about picking up someone you spotted at a café?

Until Next Time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!


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