Support Caffe Culture’s Sister Blog!

Written by Lori Thiessen

Please check out Caffe Culture’s sister blog, Coffee Shop Office. If you take the survey there you will be entered into a draw to win a monthly prize of $25 to your favourite café and you will be entered into the draw for the grand prize, a java commuter gift pack of $150.

The Coffee Shop Office blog talks about the advantages, challenges and resources for java commuters, aka people who use coffee shops and cafes as alternative office space.

The start of these blogs is due to several conversations between Gregg Taylor, a well-respected Vancouver career coach and me. Gregg wanted a partner in crime, so to speak, to research the trend of using coffee shops as alternative office space. I thought this was a great project and as usual I ran on all sorts of tangents like history, cultural practices, little known bits of information about coffee, coffee houses and the people who frequent them.

So Gregg and I decided that all these great ideas needed two separate spaces to grow and thrive. Separate but connected.

Start your own connection today with Coffee Shop Office and help us out with our research on java commuters. Gregg and I would really like to hear your café experiences. Don’t be shy – tell your friends!

Until Next Time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!


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