Grounds to Garbage? No Way!

Written by Lori Thiessen

I always get a perverse kick out of folks who “discover” new ways of recycling all kinds of stuff. My mom and grandmothers knew a lot of different ways to get more than one use out of something – it was called thrift and it wasn’t a lifestyle choice, it was a necessity. But enough about me.

Coffee grounds don’t have to be tossed in the garbage after that one cup of coffee that’s been growing ever colder since you poured it at 8:00 am. After taking a quick tour of a variety of websites providing info on using used coffee grounds, here’s a few things to do with ’em:

● Dig used grounds into the soil around rose bushes to make them healthier
● Dyeing natural fibre cloth, paper, even hardboiled eggs
● Treat your hair with grounds between shampooing and conditioning, best for black or brown hair
● Make a homemade facial mask out of them
● Use coffee grounds as a non-toxic scrubber for the stubborn stains in your pots and pans

As with any of these homemade remedies, caution is a must, especially if it’s going on skin. Always spot treat at first to see if there is a negative reaction.

There is a commercial use of used coffee grounds and it is called Java Log. It’s a firelog made of used coffee grounds and vegetable wax. Save those trees!

Until next time,

May your coffee always be freshly brewed!


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